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Identity Management

15 years of experience and proven success in the Identity Management market gave us a deep understanding of market requirements, customer wishes and diverse technological environments. Thus our vision of how an Identity & Access Governance (IAG) solution should look became clearer over the years. But vision is not a solution. So instead of predicting the future, we decided to create it. We developed SIGMA, the next generation of IAG solutions. With innovation through creative use of advanced technologies, the sky is the limit. We believe that SIGMA defines a completely new direction in the IAG market.


One stop shop for business users

By aggregating and integrating identity, access and governance management technologies, SIGMA offers a ‘One Stop Shop’ that provides enterprise-wide IAG in a single place: Request Access  |  Approve tasks  |  Track requests  |  Certify users  |  On-board new users  |  Modify Users  |  Self-registration   |  Reset Passwords


Simplicity and sophistication

SIGMA delivers the best of both worlds: sophisticated capabilities and tools; simplified user experience, including easy and intuitive navigation; one click-single page actions; Business Dictionary; ‘Google like’ search; and risk based alerts and dynamic, context based recommendation tools. These capabilities were designed from the business users’ perspective in order to simplify their Identity related business activities while helping them make better decisions.



Identity Management as a business enabler

SIGMA introduces an innovative approach to IAG designed for all identities – employees, partners, contractors, customers . . . Because of its very intuitive, consumer-like user experience, SIGMA supports IAG in today’s B-C business model. All identities benefit from SIGMA’s entitlement catalog, shopping cart, ‘Google like’ search and BYOD support.


Identity and access governance on the fast track

In today’s fast-paced world, everything needs to happen here and now, and in just one click. Most IAG solutions fail to keep up with this pace. SIGMA was designed and built to meet the need for quick SLA, high responsiveness and 24/7 accessibility anywhere you go. By using latest technologies, SIGMA provides a complete new offering, including real-time access request-approval tracking and attestation, with a few clicks.



Identity on the Go

As the use of mobile devices becomes routine for access to applications in the organization, SIGMA allows users to manage access on the go. Now Business users can perform access certification for their users, approve requests for entitlements, track previous requests and reset passwords anytime, anywhere, from any device. SIGMA Mobile is a customized web application fully optimized for tablets and smartphones. It allows, the organization to support BYOD policy, improve efficiency, responsiveness and user satisfaction while reducing compliance risks.


Management beyond your corporate boundaries

SIGMA provides a strong set of tools for managing all identities, including customers, business partners and vendors, and enables a very flexible and sophisticated mechanism for delegation that includes full life cycle management of those identities. It also provides a fully personalized self-registration module. SIGMA users enjoy wizard-based user on-boarding and full delegation capabilities for managing external users, among other features.


Brand your Identity

With out-of-the-box capabilities and some very simple configuration steps, you’ll easily be able to modify and even change completely SIGMA’s look and feel to fully match your corporate branding, including logos, color schemes, screens background and more. This capability, on top of the stunning design of SIGMA, reveals Identity & Access Governance like you’ve never seen before.

By integrating CA Technologies and IDMLogic solutions across our organization, we have been able to help simplify identity management processes and make engagement easy for our business leaders without compromising our security and compliance needs.

Myrna Soto, Chief Infrastructure and Information Security Officer, comcast_logo

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SIGMA delivers the best of both worlds - business simplicity and IT sophistication

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One-stop-shop for IAG

Improved policy enforcement and regulatory compliance

Quick&easy build of external user portals

Extremely simplified Business user experience

Increased user adoption, productivity and satisfaction

Access management VIA Mobile devices – BYOD

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